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PHENOMENAL: Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor-Review

They say seeing is believing. In addition, research has proven that human beings have high chances of remembering things they see than those they hear. When one does something visible, he feels so good about it. It brings some kind of motivation. Similarly, when you blend ingredients in a blender that is transparent with a clear LCD display, you feel pretty good. This is the case with Breville BFP800XL Chef Food Processor. Let’s dig into it.



  • 5 multi-function discs and 3 blades out of the box.

  • 5.5’’ super-wide feed chute

  • BPA free processing bowls

  • LCD display

  • Accessory storage box

To begin with, this exemplary blender comes with 5 multifunction discs and 3 blades out of the box. The discs can perform a wide range of functions for you depending on what you would like to be implemented. For instance we have the emulsifying and vegetable stick discs. The 3 blades are very powerful and therefore facilitate the chopping action of your ingredients into much smaller sizes. This helps in proper mixing and blending process.


Its 5.5’’ super wide feed chute reduces the need to precut most fruits and vegetables. This prevents you from the hassle of cutting them into small sizes. This therefore helps to save on your time and also prevents you from the danger of cutting your hands accidentally.


Breville BFP800XL Chef Food Processor also includes BPA free processing bowls hence safe for your health. The bowls consist of 16 cup large and 2.5 mini-processing bowls for your use.


It also has an LCD display which displays count up and count-down auto timer for you. The auto time helps you know the amount of time that each blending operation takes. You can read it from the LCD display that is provided.


Furthermore, this superb blender comes with an accessory storage box which can be stored vertically or horizontally depending on the storage space available. It is therefore convenient to keep because you can store it in any position so that it can fit well in your cabinet. You don’t get this anywhere.




Reviews have shown that this blender is easy to use when one follows the manuals provided. For instance, the manual gives precise instructions on how to process cheese.


Reviews also indicate that this amazing blender processes much healthier and fresh foods thus enabling you to have good health. In addition, the grating discs coarse and fine sides are just incredible. No residues are left on the blades.


Furthermore, most customers have expressed their utter satisfaction in how excellent Breville BFP800 XL Chef Food Processor is in terms of speed. It is incredibly fast. For instance, you can grate 6 ounces of zucchini in less than 30 seconds and a pound of cheese in less than 5 seconds.


When using this blender, ensure that you check the temperature of your liquid as you limit the processing time for better results.




In conclusion, Breville BF800XL Chef Food Processor is just amazing. From its design structure, functionality, use and maintenance, everything is just a plus. If there is any blender that you are strongly advised to buy, then this should be your number one choice.